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AirHub – Drone Operations App

The AirHub Drone Operations App brings together all the tools drone operators need for their pre-flight planning, in-flight operations and post-flight analytics. The app is developed for both the individual pilot and (enterprise) teams and streamlines your drone operation with a great user experience. Check our video to get an impression.


The most important part of flying with a drone is the flight preparation. Weather, the team, flight areas with the AirHub App preparation is easy to do, so you are in the air in no-time.


AirHub has a complete DJI integration, so the drone can be controlled directly from the AirHub App. AirHub also has an UTM integration so your flight is registered for air traffic control.



Detailed logs of the flight, the drone status, batteries and the team, all data of the flight is safely stored in one place.
For the fleet-owner there is a team over-view, which provides immediate insight into; who has flown with which drone and at what time?

Team management

AirHub gives full control over the team with the team management function. Share the flight preparation with the team members, view the actions of your team in real time. It makes safer and more efficient flights possible.

The best software for more control, insight and efficiency.


The AirHub App has an up to date map with all required airspace data including NOTAMS.


After the flight, all data is automatically stored in the various logbooks; batteries, pilots, documents and more can be managed from the app.

Draw flight

In the AirHub app you can quick and easily sign your flight on the map, then you can share this directly with your team members and the UTM system.


All documents required for a flight can be kept and managed in the AirHub App. The pilot license, insurance certificate, landowners form etc.


AirHub has a complete DJI and UTM integration, so that the drone can be controlled directly from the AirHub App and your flight is registered for air traffic control. The pilot does not have to switch between different apps.

Weather forecast

AirHub has extensive real-time weather data, so that the drone operator can see at a glance how the weather will develop during the planned flight.


The best software for more control, more insights and flying in teams.